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Passito of Malvasia del Lazio  
This wine is produced from the Malvasia del Lazio grape coming from a single vineyard on a hillside at an altitude of 350 metres, exposure North/East. The strictly short pruning and radical summer bunch selection, allows to obtain the highest concentration of sugar and minerals. During the second week of September, quality bunches are selected to produce this special wine, made only in truly great years. The fruit cames bearing this bunches are tied to the support wires, cut and left to dry out on the vine for 40/50 days. During this time, these bunches are carefully monitored, and grapes suffering rot or other anomalies are removed. After this selection, the grapes are harvested and selected by hand and the berries lightly chushed. The must is subjected to cold maceration, followed by temperature-controlled fermentation that completes the first stage. Passione is then left to mature in small stainless steel vats. Once bottled, the wine matures in our tufa soil caves, at the naturally constant temperature of 15 °C for a further nine months prior to release. Passione has a bright golden colour developing to a wonderful amber shade with age. The nose is very rich of honey, nuts and dried fruits notes and on the palate it is full bodied, very richly textured, complex and extremely long and elegant on the finish: a real meditation wine!


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